Meridian Sea - A Brief History

Back in 1997 on a trip to Rungis market in Paris a chance meeting with Rene resulted with us trialling a range of French seafood products for our market.

It was not long before we had teamed up with the French company Charles Amand whose factory in Normandy produced a gourmet range of specialist fish terrines and salads. We started to supply these products to customers throughout the country. With Christmas approaching,  new seasonal lines to offer and with growing sales our working partnership was formed.

This has enabled us over a period of time to continue to learn more about the specialist seafood sector whilst adding new partners and products.

Through these partnerships we now supply anchovies, terrines, salads, soups, sauce and seaweed lines direct from the producer to the customer.

With high levels of factory accreditation and working closely with our partners a strong ethical and sustainable supply chain from catch to customer is maintained.

Products are supplied to all market sectors and we look forward to continuing offering top quality innovative lines; branded and own label into a growing number of customers.

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