anchovy dips

Anchovy Sales Grow!

This year, like many other companies involved in the supply of food we have seen a switch in the way people are buying their groceries. We found this for the marinated anchovy fillets that we supply. In previous years sales volume was concentrated with the 1 Kg tub in the hotel, restaurant, and catering sectors with smaller amounts going to retail for the deli counter.

Like many during Mach and April, we saw sales fall only to come back strongly in June, with these sales continuing with a significant increase for the 500g and 200g tubs, available in six different varieties as shown in the attached image. Several outlets were given point of sale leaflets, increasing product awareness, availability, and other benefits like their high Omega 3 content. This combined with the convenience of the 200g tub having its own resalable lid making it user-friendly and eliminating wastage, has all added to its popularity for retail and home delivery.

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