Great Taste Awards 2022

Within our membership of the Guild of Fine Foods we have over the years entered a range of different products in the annual Great Taste Awards.

Previous years have seen a range of awards (17 in total) gained for such specialist lines as fish terrines, salads, seaweed tartare’s and anchovies.

This year we decided to enter two products. The first was the new marinated anchovy fillets with MSC accreditation that we started to supply earlier this year and the second was the premium salt anchovy that we have been supplying for many years.

The results and feedback from the judges were very positive with the marinated anchovy fillets being awarded a Gold 1 Star and the salt anchovy in olive oil gaining a Gold 2 Star award.

There was a wide range of positive comments from the judges some of which are shown below :

These beautiful shiny fish fillets have lovely aromas from their marinade. The textures of the fish is robust and we love the way they are different to many of the examples you find in shops and delis. The flavour of the fish is prominent and is not overpowered by the oil and vinegar. In fact the flavour combination of the fish and the marinade is really good.

For the Marinated Anchovy fillets

Firm meaty little fish. Perfectly cured. The salt is spot on. The texture is wonderful. Smells of the sea, tastes of the sea, these are anchovies at their finest” and  “Nicely pinky grey fish, having kept their structure and sheen. Super proper fresh anchovy aromas and firm texture that is powerful and fishy with all the livery notes and huge salty hit that make for a really delicious anchovy. Excellent.

For the Salt Anchovy fillets

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