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Meridian Sea Wins a Whole Lot of Gold!

The Great Taste Awards 2017

Meridian Sea is proud to receive awards for our innovative products at Great Taste 2017.

Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted accreditation scheme fine food and drink.  Awards are judged by chefs, restaurateurs, food hall & deli buyers, acclaimed cooks, food writers and critics.

Only a fraction of the thousands of products entered achieved the highest and most coveted rating, “3-Star”.

Our Organic Seaweed Tartare was one of the select few to win the prestigious 3-Star accolade.  And both our other entries – Organic Dijon Mustard with Seaweed and Organic Seaweed Tartare with Lemon Confit – also won 2-Star and 1-Star awards.

Seaweed Tartare

Seaweed Tartare (3-Star Winner)

GT 3 Star LogoAn organic tartare of fresh wild seaweeds, with extra virgin olive oil, baby gherkins and capers.

This is an innovative product, with a delicious nose and fresh flavour.

Enjoy with grilled fish or simply spread on toast, or try it paired sparingly with sushi and sashimi.

Dijon Mustard with Seaweed (2-Star Winner)

Organic Dijon mustard with fresh wild seaweeds.

A punchy but beautifully balanced mustard, with a warming heat dissipating into marine flavours.

Serve as an accompaniment with white meat or a potato salad, or try as an alternative to wasabi.  Our Dijon mustard with seaweed will also serve as an excellent base for sauces and dressings.

Seaweed Tartare with Lemon Confit (1-Star Winner)

An organic tartare of fresh wild seaweeds, with extra virgin olive oil and lemon confit.

A fresh and full-flavoured little dish, with a good citrus kick.

Ideal served with smoked fish, or enjoy with traditional battered fish and chips.

These award-winning products form part of our range of seaweed-based accompaniments, including Seaweed Tartare with Nori and Seaweed Tartare (Provincal) with herbs.

These products come variously in 110g and 140g units for retail, and also in larger 300g and 1kg units for food service users and manufacturers.  Labels are being reprinted in English language to incorporate the Great Taste logo, and will be available in September 2017.

Meridian Sea also offers a wider range of fresh, salted seaweeds.  We supply wild and cultivated species including Wakame, Dulse, Nori, Kombu and Sea Spaghetti.

Please contact Nigel ([email protected]) or Youssef ([email protected]) to discuss how our innovative, award-winning products could add value to your offering.

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