Smoked Anchovies – Hot or Cold Smoked? It’s Your Choice!

When we think of Anchovies, it’s probably those tins, jars or maybe we’ve seen them loose from the deli counter? We might have tasted them marinated in various flavours or even salted, and we either love them, or we hate them!

Did you know there is a new Anchovy in town? The marinated smoked anchovy is available either hot or cold smoked. These delicate little fillets offer exceptional quality and flavour.

Cold Smoked anchovies have a delicate taste and texture whereas the Hot Smoked offer a more defined flavour with a rich Smoky punchy kick. Which will be your favourite?

Smoked anchovies bring a whole new dimension to your dish and are especially lovely on pizzas, in pasta dishes and salads or just straight out of the pack on a cocktail stick. Why not use in place of Smoked Salmon when you make special scrambled eggs, they taste great!

If you would like more information or to place an order, please contact us on 0870 240 0172

Anchovy Ready to Eat

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